Workout Routine #1

Today was sort of a “day off,” if you don’t count the time I spent at work.  It was a pretty decent day, overall.  I woke up with Templeton breathing on my face, which always makes me smile :)  He’s a little furball that I can’t help but love.  Once I was actually out of bed, I relaxed, had breakfast, and drank some coffee.  Nothing better than starting the day with cats, some morning news, and good coffee.


Paleo bread, sunflower seed butter, banana, and coffee.

Following breakfast, I decided to bake something that would fill my home with the warm smell of the season.  So I made up a recipe for spiced vanilla bars.  I’ll share that recipe soon.

I also had time to enjoy a great at-home workout.  So rather than spending this post sharing the recipe, I’ll dedicate it to my latest workout routine.  If you decide to do a similar routine, be sure to modify it for your individual body strengths and weaknesses.  Everyone has a different capability and differences with the strength of their muscles.

5 Sets of the following:

10 bridges

10 ab cycles

30 second plank (I had a cat on my back, as well.  Oh Charlotte)

10 goblet squats (I used a 12 pound sandbell)

20 arm punches (I used 4 pound weights in each hand)

10 jumping jacks

10 starbursts

Then I usually dance it out for about 30 seconds in-between each set


5 sets of the following:

10 overhead tricep extensions (I used the 12 pound sandbell again)

10 sandbag side bends (10 each side) (With the 12 pound sandbell)

50 jump ropes


2 sets of the following:

20 torso rotations holding a balance ball

20 spell casters (using 4 pound weights in each hand)


I also was listening to dance music throughout this workout, so I was bee-bopping around and enjoying the music.  So however you find your fitness throughout these cold winter months, keep it fun.  Until next time, happy exercising!

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